Your Inflatable(s) Delivery

In order to make your delivery as smooth as possible, we ask you agree to our delivery terms and conditions:

1. Our box truck MUST be able to drive on to the grass near the setup site

We need at least a 30x20ft area
(see picture of the truck featured above)

2. There must be TWO individual circuits dedicated to powering the inflatable***

power requirements vary by inflatable

3. The dedicated setup area MUST be witihin 100ft of power

4. It is VERY important that we are able to contact you
the week before and day of your event.
Please be on the look out for our calls or provide us with multiple forms of contact

***incoming calls may be from a number you do not recognize

our drivers have different numbers than our main line***

5. Specifically for waterslides… chosen set up area must be within distance of your hose

Upon reservation it is understood that you have agreed to the following
terms and conditions