Rock Wall Rentals in CT

Funtastic Inflatables has the best Rock Wall for rent for your next event in CT. All of our Climbing Wall Rentals include Auto Belay Systems and Climbing Harnesses for the safety of all guests. Up to three guests can race up the Portable Rock Wall, while the Inflatable Rock Wall can accommodate two players at once.

Inflatable Rock Wall Rentals

3 Hour Rental – $1,000

4 Hour Rental – $1,200

Rental Item: 30’L x 25’W x 25’H

Operating Area: 40’L x 35’W x 30’H

2 Climbing Participants

1-2 Adult Operators Required

Requires (2) 20-amp Circuits

The inflated rock climbing wall is rental comes complete with auto belay systems for safety, as well as an inflated landing pad. We also provide professional-grade climbing harnesses in various sizes. This rock wall is perfect for any event, and will surely be the centerpiece of and Connecticut field day or carnival. Complete with two climbing lanes on either side of the tiki’s head, this mobile rock climb wall can accommodate up to two climbers at one time. The climbing lanes feature the same type of ‘rock’ handholds as stationary rock walls or hard rock climbing walls.

Portable Rock Wall Rentals

3 Hour Rental – $1,000

4 Hour Rental – $1,200

Rental Item: 15’L x 8’W x 25’H

Operating Area: 50’L x 25’W x 30’H

3 Climbing Participants

1-2  Adult Operators Required

The portable rock climbing wall is mounted on a trailer to your location. Our professional climbers will raise the mobile rock wall to the vertical climbing position. Included in the rock wall rental prices are multiple climbing-grade harnesses, extra heavy duty locking careeners and safety hardware, and separate independent enclosed auto belay systems for each climber. Auto belay systems automatically lower the climber to the ground once they reach the top of the rock climbing wall. Up to three climbers can climb or race to the top at once.